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    Crop Marketing

    Lillico Attlee is a large well-established trading operation that has gained a wealth of market expertise and customers over its 220-year history. 

    Lillico specialise in trading all combinable crops from cereals, oilseeds and pulses through to niche crops such as grain maize and linseed. With a sound knowledge of markets both in the UK and mainland Europe, Lillico can add value to crops providing new opportunities to its farmer suppliers.
    Crops can be handled in all conditions with drying, cleaning and conditioning facilities available. We  trade both assured and non-assured grains offering farmers, large and small, a broad spectrum of services.
    Lillico place a wide range of buy back and marketing agreements including seed contracts and are always looking for new growers. In addition we require local supplies of wheat and barley for  our manufacuring site at Maidstone as well as quality milling oats for our premium Saracen brand. 
    Lillico pride itself in close customer liaison and take a long-term view to customer relationships having traded with many generations on the same farms over the years.  
    Please contact Mark Jones our commodity trader for more details on our operations
      01622 718062      07850 694588
    or by email mark.jones@lillico.co.uk who will be pleased to talk through your requirements.

    Grain Passport

    As from 1st November 2007 Wheat being delivered to All Flour Mills will be required to have been subject to a Mycotoxin Risk Assessment as part of the Farm Assurance Scheme.

    No Wheat will be accepted by the miller unless it is accompanied by a new style Grain Passport.

    The new passport indicates the level of risk relating to that parcel of wheat and if the wheat is in the High Risk category it will also require a Mycotoxin (DON) test result. A test result is also required in 2007/08 for a ‘medium’ score if the wheat was produced in Lincs; Cambs; Norf; Leics; Northants; Warks; Worcs; Gloucs; Dorset; Hants; or Sussex.

    For more information visit www.hgca.com

    Combinable Crops Passport 2011

    Grain Contract

    (Producer / First Buyer)

    Grain and Pulse Contract

    Mycotoxin (don) Risk Assessment

    All industry stakeholders have agreed to a managed mycotoxin protocol for harvest 2011 the details of which are as follows.

    At the commencement of harvest, all wheat deliveries must be accompanied with a DON test figure and a Risk Assessment score, both clearly stated on the Grain Passport accompanying the load. This requirement will apply during the initial mycotoxin monitoring period until the industry has reviewed sufficient data on mycotoxin levels.

    The supply of risk assessment scores is important as they are used to aid the correlation against actual DON test figures, and persistent failure to provide risk assessment scores may result in rejection of the load.

    Once the initial monitoring period (the exact length of which will be determined by nabim and the wider stakeholder group) is complete, we will review our protocol in the light of the mycotoxin risk prevailing and the decisions of the industry mycotoxin stakeholder group.

    Mulika Spring Wheat Information Sheet

    Mulika Spring Wheat 

    HGCA Spring Recommended Lists 2015-16

    HGCA Recommended Spring Wheat 2015 - For Spring sowing

    HGCA Recommended Spring Wheat 2015-16 - For late Autumn sowing

    HGCA Recommended Spring Barley 2015-16

    HGCA Recommended Spring Oats 2015

    HGCA Recommended Spring Linseed 2015

    HGCA Recommended Spring OSR 2015

    HGCA Winter Recommended Lists 2015-16

    HGCA Recommended Winter Wheat 2015-16

    HGCA Recommended Winter Barley 2015-16

    HGCA Recommended Winter Oats 2015-16

    HGCA Recommended Winter Triticale 2015-16

    HGCA Recommended Winter OSR 2015-16 East/West Region

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    Lillico are main distributors for Sinar Moisture Meters with meters available for immediate despatch or collection form Aylesford.


    Sinar Moisture Meters

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